Drum Tips – Dealing with Bass Drum “Creep”.

Bass drum creep does NOT describe the frightening person with the bass drum, it’s the term made use of to define the frustrating circumstance when your kick drum starts gliding even more as well as better away from you with each stroke of your bass drum pedal.

Setting up your package on a great thick carpet or a carpet that the spikes at the end of your bass drum legs could sink their teeth into will normally assist keep bass drum creep at bay. (If your bass drum legs don’t have spikes, change them with ones that do. Any type of good drum store will certainly bring replacement bass drum legs at a sensible price.).

Make sure your rug is big sufficient to fit your whole kit, including your throne. The weight of your body on the throne will help maintain the bass drum from gliding away with the entire carpet.
Adjust the bass drum legs to make sure that the front of the drum is an inch or more off the ground and also the drum is relaxing at a small angle. This shifts even more of the drums weight into the legs themselves as well as aids the spikes dig in better, which should put an end to many bass drum creep troubles.

Occasionally, specifically for those of us kicking the drum quite hard in loud situations, setting up on a carpeting is simply not nearly enough!

Here is an added little method that will certainly FINISH bass drum creep troubles.

Take a three foot long 2″ x4″ piece of wood. I have some wonderful material glued around it to earn it look pretty, give some security to the drums, as well as stop splinters. Now mark your carpeting where you desire the front of your bass drum to rest. Pierce 3 quarter inch diameter openings through the wood– one opening in the middle and also one near each end.

Making use of some nice, large, 2 inch washing machines and 1/4 inch thick bolts– in fact bolt the timber to your carpet at the front edge of your bass drum. Make sure to place the flattest part of the bolt on the under side of the carpet so that your carpeting still lays very flat. I likewise prefer to place a layer or 2 of gaffer’s tape over the end of the bolt to ensure that it does not scratch any kind of great wood floorings that occur to be underneath the rug.

Now when you set up simply slide the front of the bass drum right up against the piece of wood you have actually bolted to the rug, and also it will certainly not move any kind of additional!

It works best if you obtain the timber wide sufficient that the legs themselves actually bump up against the wood block although it will certainly function great with the edge of the drum versus the wood block – simply be sure to cover the timber with foam or thick fabric to stop the timber from damaging the rim and also lugs of your drum!

Let me recognize exactly how well it benefits you.